Getting Colder

When I left for Argentina, North America was firmly in the icy jaws of the Polar Freeze. I remember shivering while picking a careful path down the icy streets of New York City, comforted only by the promise of a warm South American summer. I really thought I had things figured out: leave North America … More Getting Colder

Of Plans Unplanned

Patagonia laughs in the face of two things: plans, and waterproofing. As I’m sure you noticed, I vanished for two weeks. I’ve been off on yet another round of salty exploring with the sailing vessel Saoirse and now I’m Huinay Scientific Field Station in the Fjordo Comau. The tale of how this came to be … More Of Plans Unplanned

Adventures in a Language Not My Own

Those Damn Refrigerators “Say refrigirador.” “Refrigirador. Refrigirador,” I stumble, my tongue tripping over the r’s and g’s. Taking a slower approach, “Re-fri-gir-a-dor,” doesn’t prove to be any better. “The way you say your r’s is so funny!” Laughs the Chilean man sitting across from me. “I think it’s your accent, it sounds very funny.” This … More Adventures in a Language Not My Own

It’s go time.

Asking someone to join you on a backpacking trip is just a fancy way of inviting that individual to sleep, eat, and poop in absurdly close proximity to you for an extended period of time. It’s actually pretty freaking weird. And at three months, this trip is a long one– you’d give some real consideration … More It’s go time.