Perseverance Pays Off: Returning to Antarctica

>>Have you checked out the new blog? You can read this post in it’s original format over there.<< Last year, I sailed to Antarctica for the first time in my life and I fell in love. In love with the mysterious black mountains; the electric blue ice; the thundering glaciers; the goofy penguins; the formidable leopard seals; … More Perseverance Pays Off: Returning to Antarctica

The New Vagabondist

Hello friends, it’s been almost two years since I first launched the Vagabondist. A lot has happened during those years– my 3 month trip to South America ended up lasting more than a year because I joined the crew of a sailboat exploring Patagonia, I sailed as crew to Antarctica aboard a 104-year old fully-rigged barque, and I started working as an expedition … More The New Vagabondist

What’s Next: Alaska

I haven’t been on the road for about 7 weeks. Which is more than long enough to spend in one place. Thankfully, I’ll be packing my bags in the next few days and heading off to my next destination: Alaska! I have dreamed of working in Alaska for years, and I am still pinching myself that I will be living … More What’s Next: Alaska

Flying Solo

I’ve been traveling alone for a long time now, but I don’t think that’s particularly remarkable. The first time I went abroad on my own, I was 18 and I spent two weeks traveling through southern Spain. At the time I had a sailing job where I made a whopping $75 a week, so I was impressed with myself for traveling … More Flying Solo

Ice Watch

If I were to ask you to climb 75 feet up a rope ladder (the shrouds) on a rocking ship, to stand on some metal bars and cling to a mast in the frigid Antarctic air while keeping lookout for icebergs– what would you say? I’m guessing there’s a high chance your response might sound something like … More Ice Watch

What It Feels Like to Be In Antarctica

Antarctica is impossible. Impossibly beautiful; a place of inconceivable extremes. At times, Antarctica overwhelms you with a sense of absolute peacefulness and silence. Ice and snow and sea stretch out all around you, immersing you in an incredible stillness. Seals and penguins glide through the water. Beautiful, graceful birds soar overhead. The sun filters through white clouds … More What It Feels Like to Be In Antarctica