Flying Solo

I’ve been traveling alone for a long time now, but I don’t think that’s particularly remarkable. The first time I went abroad on my own, I was 18 and I spent two weeks traveling through southern Spain. At the time I had a sailing job where I made a whopping $75 a week, so I was impressed with myself for traveling … More Flying Solo

Video: A Woman’s Guide to the World teaser trailer

“A Woman’s Guide To The World” is a how-to documentary TV series for women traveling to dangerous and adventurous locales solo. Apollonia Productions is currently pitching it as a 10-part TV series. This raw footage for the first episode features sailing to Antarctica aboard the Bark Europa. I loved watching this, it brought back good memories from my trips to Antarctica … More Video: A Woman’s Guide to the World teaser trailer

Film Review: Maidentrip

In 2012, 16-year old Laura Dekker became the youngest person to ever sail around the world alone. The film Maidentrip documents her 519-day, 27,000-nautical mile journey. This inspiring, introspective film provides an intimate look at life at sea and tells a fascinating story of determination, bravery, and a quest for solitude. Laura grew up on the … More Film Review: Maidentrip