The Pearl Button Takes Home Best Screenplay

Last year, I had the incredible opportunity to sail with Chilean filmmaker Patricio Guzman on a filming expedition for his upcoming documentary, The Pearl Button. We explored the Chilean coast aboard the SRV Saoirse with Patricio and his small team, capturing the wild, sometimes haunting beauty of the Patagonian coast; the essence of the water, the ice, and … More The Pearl Button Takes Home Best Screenplay

Move Over, Mama

Do you ever have those moments where you step outside yourself and realize how utterly bizarre you must look? I’m having one of those moments. I am filthy, with wild hair and sunburned skin, crouching low in the forest, brandishing an 8-foot long bamboo pole. What will either shed light on this situation or confirm … More Move Over, Mama

Supporting Science at Sea… with super cool t-shirts

Two of my deepest passions in life are science and sailing. As most of you know, when I went to South America this year, I stumbled upon an incredible opportunity to combine those two passions aboard the SRV Saoirse. I extended my time in South America by a few months in order to continue sailing … More Supporting Science at Sea… with super cool t-shirts

Thoughts on Ice

The first time I saw a glacier was in February, when I was sailing up the Chilean coast aboard Saoirse. After a long rough night, a blue hue slowly began illuminating the dark world around us. As the sun’s rays started to glow behind the overcast sky, misty blue mountains emerged all along Caleta Olla. … More Thoughts on Ice