San Carlos de Bariloche

In, February, I spent three weeks in San Carlos de Bariloche, a gorgeous mountain town in Argentina’s Lake District. Bariloche has an incredible amount of activities, all accessible from the city center: kayaking, SUP, hiking, backpacking, horseback riding, mountain biking, and more. Pro tip: it’s also famous for its chocolate and has incredible ice cream. If … More San Carlos de Bariloche

Supporting Science at Sea… with super cool t-shirts

Two of my deepest passions in life are science and sailing. As most of you know, when I went to South America this year, I stumbled upon an incredible opportunity to combine those two passions aboard the SRV Saoirse. I extended my time in South America by a few months in order to continue sailing … More Supporting Science at Sea… with super cool t-shirts

Thoughts on Ice

The first time I saw a glacier was in February, when I was sailing up the Chilean coast aboard Saoirse. After a long rough night, a blue hue slowly began illuminating the dark world around us. As the sun’s rays started to glow behind the overcast sky, misty blue mountains emerged all along Caleta Olla. … More Thoughts on Ice

Adventures in a Language Not My Own

Those Damn Refrigerators “Say refrigirador.” “Refrigirador. Refrigirador,” I stumble, my tongue tripping over the r’s and g’s. Taking a slower approach, “Re-fri-gir-a-dor,” doesn’t prove to be any better. “The way you say your r’s is so funny!” Laughs the Chilean man sitting across from me. “I think it’s your accent, it sounds very funny.” This … More Adventures in a Language Not My Own