The Vagabondist is a blog about world travel & wanderlust. My name is Sarah.

 I grew up near a big city without much exposure to the outdoors. I learned to kayak in an indoor swimming pool and sail on a lake, which was enough to get me hooked on the idea of kayaking and sailing on actual oceans. So when I was 18 I joined the crew of a historic wooden ship and sailed across the Atlantic Ocean.

 Since then I’ve hiked the southernmost trail in the world, supported scientific research expeditions in the remote reaches of Patagonian fjords, trekked across glaciers, kayaked with humpback whales in Alaska, snorkeled between continental plates in the Arctic, swam inside an active volcanic caldera in Antarctica, and sailed across the Drake Passage to Antarctica more than 8 times.

Because I strive to put my academic background in environmental science and ecology to use everywhere I go, I have contributed to scientific research, conservation, and environmental education in all the regions I explore. From coordinating fundraisers for Antarctic nonprofits to contributing to citizen science projects in Patagonia to giving presentations on glaciology in Alaska, I strive to contribute to a positive environmental impact. I enjoy teaching others about topics including biodiversity, conservation, sustainable resource use, and ecology.

I now work as a professional expedition guide and environmental educator in incredible places, including Alaska, Antarctica, Patagonia, and Australia. This blog is where I chronicle the amazing things I discover along the way. By sharing my experiences, I hope to inspire others to care for and conserve these extraordinary wild places. And I hope it inspires you to go out and chase your own dreams. They’re yours for the making!


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