Why I Switched from WordPress to Wix… and back to WordPress.

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Some of you will remember that last year I switched my blog from WordPress over to the Wix platform. I was motivated by my desire to find a platform that could make the process of building a beautiful website more user-friendly. Wix is absolutely perfect for that… but unfortunately, I’ve learned that Wix is not perfect for blogging.

I knew I was taking a risk by moving over to Wix, but I thought I’d give it a shot anyways… Since switching to Wix, traffic to my website has plummeted and visitor engagement has virtually stopped. I thought I was doing something wrong, but after some research I’ve concluded that the Wix blogging platform just isn’t right for my needs. When I signed up, Wix seemed to be in the process of dramatically improving their blogging platform– but as those changes have slowly rolled out they haven’t turned out to be quite what I expected, needed, or wanted.

Here’s what I didn’t like about blogging with Wix:

  • I can’t track, monitor, or easily manage comments on my Wix blog posts
  • The “contact me” feature on the website seemed nice, until I realized I don’t get notified when someone messages me through it. I have to go in to the Wix dashboard and check for those messages manually
  • Aside from signing up for an e-mail subscription, there’s not an obvious or easy way to follow a Wix blog
  • You can’t embed or integrate a blog from another platform into a Wix website
  • Wix doesn’t have its own blogging community, nor does it have a dashboard feature for following other blogs and fostering user engagement

That being said, there’s still plenty to love about Wix! I find it much more user-friendly than WordPress. I love how easy it is to create unique, beautiful websites for both desktop and mobile viewing. I definitely plan to keep my photography website on the Wix platform, but in the next few weeks I’ll be moving my blog back to WordPress!

Have any of you tried out Wix for a website or a blog? What did you think? Also, if any of you have tips or resources for building WordPress sites, I would love to hear them!




2 thoughts on “Why I Switched from WordPress to Wix… and back to WordPress.

  1. Hi!
    I haven’t tried Wix. However, I am currently looking at different hosts to put my dream website/blog on. I was wondering about Wix as I have some frinds who use it for their website and are very pleased, however they do not blog. I think that WordPress has the most effective and inclusive blogging community that I’ve seen.
    Cheers and welcome back,

    1. Hi Rushell! Thanks for the welcome back!
      I would still highly recommend Wix if it is just a website you’re building. They make it so easy to design gorgeous, highly functional sites… And I completely agree with you, WordPress is the best blogging community for this type of blogging! I just wish it were easier to design our dream websites & blogs with WordPress… !

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