The New Vagabondist

Hello friends,

it’s been almost two years since I first launched the Vagabondist. A lot has happened during those years– my 3 month trip to South America ended up lasting more than a year because I joined the crew of a sailboat exploring Patagonia, I sailed as crew to Antarctica aboard a 104-year old fully-rigged barque, and I started working as an expedition guide in Southeast Alaska.

the new vagabondistthe new vagabondist

I galloped horses across the Patagonian pampa, came face-to-face with Alaskan brown bears, kayaked with humpback whales, swam in an active volcanic caldera in Antarctica, sailed in northern Iceland, and hiked across glaciers… I took refuge from torrential rain in a small Chilean cabin, passing around a gourd of mate with gauchos. I went from being a somewhat decent Spanish speaker to a pretty good one. I stood, awestruck, beneath the glow of the Northern Lights for the first time. I walked so much that the soles fell off my boots. I sat barefoot on a beach under a full moon in Alaska and sang along to my guitar while the sound of humpback whales surfaccing drifted across the water. I got lost in the forest; I got un-lost. I taught people how to kayak and identify plants and interpret glacial features. I made new friends, I fell in love with people and places and ideas. I found direction.

the new vagabondistthe new vagabondist

the new vagabondist

All these things have influenced who I am and shaped the journey I’m on– and I realized that I need to update the Vagabondist to reflect all these changes in my life. I redesigned and relaunched the blog on a new platform, over at To read this post on the new blog, click here.

The old blog, which is hosted here on WordPress, will stay up for a while. I will continue linking posts on WordPress to the new website, so you can follow along through either platform. If you’d like to follow the new Vagabondist directly, just subscribe by email on the new site. Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback.

And as part of the re-envisioning of this blog, I will write more frequently. This old platform has not felt inspiring to me anymore, but I’m excited to use the new design and share more with all of you!

I hope you enjoy it.

Con cariño,



2 thoughts on “The New Vagabondist

  1. This is such great news! I wish you and the continuation of your blog a grand experience. I’m so looking forward to reading about the adventures on your new blog. I’m so looking forward to making (more) of my own memories like this.

    1. Thank you so much!!!!! Good luck on your adventures, I hope they are everything you hope for & more 🙂 -Sarah

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