Move Over, Mama

Do you ever have those moments where you step outside yourself and realize how utterly bizarre you must look? I’m having one of those moments. I am filthy, with wild hair and sunburned skin, crouching low in the forest, brandishing an 8-foot long bamboo pole. What will either shed light on this situation or confirm … More Move Over, Mama

Last 16 Hours!

You all are awesome. And awesome people should wear awesome t’s. Right? It only seems logical. There are only 16 hours left to snag yourself some swag that supports volunteering for science at sea! Order yours at and and they’ll be in your lucky hands by Christmas! Thanks everyone! Best, Sarah

Sometimes You Do the Bushwhacking, Sometimes You Get Bushwhacked

November 1st They say life begins at the end of your comfort zone. I seem to have found one of the edges of my comfort zone. I am pressed up against the vertical face of a steep hillside, clinging to slippery moss, flailing around in an increasingly pathetic attempt to climb to the top. My … More Sometimes You Do the Bushwhacking, Sometimes You Get Bushwhacked

Birds of a Feather

Our last stop in the Falkland Islands was New Island. Owned by the New Island Conservation Trust ,  New Island is a protected wildlife reserve. More than two million seabirds inhabit the shores of New Island and surrounding smaller islands, including large numbers of breeding Rockhopper, Gentoo and Magellanic penguins, and more than 13,000 pairs of breeding … More Birds of a Feather