A Greasy Pizza Box of Gratitude

Celebrating one of your favorite holidays away from family and friends, thousands of miles from the familiarity of the country you call home– well, it can be hard. To say the least.

This last week has been full of unexpected twists and turns and surprising challenges. For a while, it looked like I might be spending Thanksgiving alone in a hostel in Patagonia. I tried to keep my spirits up about it, but I was bummed. The hostel I’m staying in is very small and has had almost no other guests. It seemed pointless to even think of cooking any sort of Thanksgiving comfort food alone in a hostel kitchen, especially given that it’s spring in Patagonia and finding certain key ingredients was definitely not going to happen.

But then things came together.

First, Josh found out he would be here on Thanksgiving. Then our friend Coti found out it would be Josh’s last night in Punta Arenas and invited us over to his house for dinner.

And so we found ourselves sitting at a big happy family dinner table. There may not have been pumpkin pie, turkey, stuffing or sweet potatoes– but there were seven smiling faces, lots of laughter, and good stories. And we had burritos, which Josh and I both happen to love.

I couldn’t bake a traditional Thanksgiving dessert, so I whipped up cream cheese brownies. But then I realized we had a little bit of a problem– transport. I didn’t want to remove any plates from the hostel, so Josh got creative and cut the top off an old frozen pizza box and we stuck the brownies inside.


There’s always something to be thankful for, and gratitude comes in all forms… even an upcycled pizza box filled with brownies.

Gratefully yours,


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