Liebster Blog Award

Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away Niamh from Niamh On Leave kindly nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award. Described as an award to spread blog love and help draw attention to blogs with few followers, the award comes with a few requirements: I have to answer a number of questions Niamh asked … More Liebster Blog Award

Thoughts on Ice

The first time I saw a glacier was in February, when I was sailing up the Chilean coast aboard Saoirse. After a long rough night, a blue hue slowly began illuminating the dark world around us. As the sun’s rays started to glow behind the overcast sky, misty blue mountains emerged all along Caleta Olla. … More Thoughts on Ice

Pichi D: the D Stands for Danger

On Saoirse, we have four crew members: captains Greg and Keri, myself, and Pichidangui. Our youngest crew member, Pichi is about two years old and stands about two feet tall. She enjoys long walks on the beach, eating fine cheeses, cuddling, going for rides in the dinghy, and giving high fives.

Sailing with a Legend: Capturing the Chilean Coast

After finishing our journey from Huinay to Punta Arenas with the Eh Team aboard Saoirse, Jim and I both stayed on board to crew for the next leg: a filming expedition with iconic Chilean documentarian Patricio Guzmán. Patricio’s path to international acclaim began in the early 1970’s when Chile was embroiled in a time of … More Sailing with a Legend: Capturing the Chilean Coast

The “Eh” Team

After the trip with the scientists from Huinay ended in late April, we were joined by two of Greg and Keri’s friends from Canada. Jim and Judy traveled all the way from Halifax to Patagonia to help us deliver Saoirse more than 1,200 miles south to Punta Arenas, where we were set to begin our … More The “Eh” Team