Home Is A Strong Word

I’m laying in my bunk aboard Saoirse, listening to the rain pour down, drenching the deck. The wind howls and pushes the ship around her anchor. I can’t sleep. The other day, while discussing my travel plans, someone made a passing comment to me: “if you ever decide to go home.” A fairly innocuous remark, … More Home Is A Strong Word

Sailing for Science

Part of what sets Saoirse apart from other sailing yachts is the fact that captains Greg and Keri have a vision to do good, important work through their vessel. Whether serving communities, advancing education, or working on conservation, they look for projects that will somehow contribute to the greater good. In Patagonia, a largely unexplored … More Sailing for Science

Getting Colder

When I left for Argentina, North America was firmly in the icy jaws of the Polar Freeze. I remember shivering while picking a careful path down the icy streets of New York City, comforted only by the promise of a warm South American summer. I really thought I had things figured out: leave North America … More Getting Colder