Photos from the Dientes

As ya’ll know, we kicked the Dientes Circuit in the butt last week (in other words, we hiked it and it kicked our sorry asses). What you don’t know is that it was crazy beautiful, because we haven’t had an internet connection even halfway decent enough to share photos.

But currently, we are staying in a very shitty hostel in Punta Arenas, Chile, and although it has holes in the floors, it has fast internet. Thankfully. Otherwise there would be nothing redeemable about this place. But more on that later. For now, feast your eyes on the southernmost hiking trail in the world:









Tomorrow we depart for El Calafate, Argentina, where we’ll begin exploring Torres del Paine national park, which will definitely lead to more mountain eye-candy.


6 thoughts on “Photos from the Dientes

  1. Amazing pictures! I’m sure you’re having / going to have the time of your life in Argentina! Love the light in the last shot! Keep up the good work! You got a new follower here! xo

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