Exploring the Mornington Peninsula (On a Budget)

A four-day road trip on the Mornington Peninsula with a budget & a campervan. … More Exploring the Mornington Peninsula (On a Budget)


Perseverance Pays Off: Returning to Antarctica

>>Have you checked out the new blog? You can read this post in it’s original format over there.<< Last year, I sailed to Antarctica for the first time in my life and I fell in love. In love with the mysterious black mountains; the electric blue ice; the thundering glaciers; the goofy penguins; the formidable leopard seals; … More Perseverance Pays Off: Returning to Antarctica

The New Vagabondist

Hello friends, it’s been almost two years since I first launched the Vagabondist. A lot has happened during those years– my 3 month trip to South America ended up lasting more than a year because I joined the crew of a sailboat exploring Patagonia, I sailed as crew to Antarctica aboard a 104-year old fully-rigged barque, and I started working as an expedition … More The New Vagabondist

The Midnight Sun Rises Over Greenland

I’m sitting on a plane floating 36,000 feet above the North Atlantic Ocean: the redeye to Reykjavik, Iceland. I can never sleep on these overnight flights, especially not this one.  I’ve been routinely checking the in-flight tracker, waiting to cross over Greenland. Sometime around 0400 local time, just as the tiny plane icon on the screen begins … More The Midnight Sun Rises Over Greenland

Breach, Baby, Breach

Earlier this week, I got to see something pretty incredible: breaching humpbacks and orcas, swimming together in Frederick Sound. For hours we watched whales feeding, spyhopping, pec and tail slapping, swimming, and spouting. All day long, we were surrounded by whales– it was extraordinary. And then, in the evening, a humpback breached next to our ship…. … More Breach, Baby, Breach